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Political shit storm

A little off topic from my normal stuff…

I grow increasingly worried at the political climate in this country, well all of them; not to mention our disheveled foreign policy. I try to keep up with the news (Not a great way to reduce stress levels, I know), no matter how depressing or upsetting it may be, I just like to be relatively informed. Before you ask, yes, I get my news from multiple sources and always fact check the hell out of it (though I do watch my fair share of satire, as it helps me find humor in what can only be described as a cluster-fuck).

With the rising tensions in Syria, Russia, and North Korea (and others) all I can do is hope that our leaders will resort to sanity (read “peace”), instead of WWIII. I’m under the impression that no one (save maybe the fanatics) want a war (it’s not good for anyone, and everyone loses; winners, losers, even neutral parties)!

In my opinion, most leaders just want respect, which I get; I mean, they​ are the leader (of whatever country they happen to be governing). Even Donald Trump, whom I dislike politically, just wants to be recognized as the leader of the US (and I bet he would chill a little if he was afforded a little recognition), but it’s probably disconcerting when everyone, except Fox, rags on him non-stop. Putin and Kim Jong Un just want to be criticized less and respected more (though they go about it all wrong; and even Trump to an extent). You do not “silence” those who disagree with you, you prove them wrong…

If Kim Jong Un thinks his communist way is best, he should prove it, not just to his people, but to the world; I’d be willing to lift sanctions on North Korea to see how he fares. If Putin thinks a pseudo-democracy with Authoritarian rule is the best way, again, make us see the light. Not by force though… Prove it. This is a rule even American politicians should be following; you want to get reelected, Prove you deserve it.

This is why polls are important, but also why honesty is. Why did Hillary lose the election? Either the pollsters asked the wrong people, the wrong questions, or people lied; easy strait forward (I think both candidates were crap though).

The real solution would be for all leaders to listen to their people and Prove they can make their countries great by Doing (not by bullying or scare tactics). You want your subjects to love you? Love them first! You want other nations to respect you? Respect them first! You want to live in peace and harmony? Do not cast stones!

Being the “best leader ever” doesn’t require lying, cheating, stealing, murder, torture, genocide or any other horrible atrocity you can think of…

All it requires is making your subjects (people, constituents, followers) happy! They don’t even have to be “super” happy, “mostly content” will work 9 times out of 10. And if the people (and I do mean all of us) are content, and not struggling or oppressed, it means instant peace (save a few radical outliers). This formula will work in all cases! You want to be reelected til you die? Make your people happy, they will keep you either in office or at least a position of great power. Be kind to everyone. While it may seem impossible to make everyone content (because it is Super hard), I assure you, it is not (impossible doesn’t exist, ask a scientist; improbable? Sure, but that’s not a solid “no”, it just means you have to work a lot harder at it). Content does not mean perfect, just a happy medium where everyone gets something.

Let me offer a small example: so many people are losing jobs… The answer is not to reopen a dying industry (which pollutes water and air, which kills us all that much faster) but to retrain them for jobs that are in demand. They cannot afford school you say, find a way to make schooling free. Don’t know how you’re going to pay for free schooling? Provide incentives to companies, raise taxes on the wealthiest by 2%, lower the salaries and bonuses of Deans and upper administration personnel, cap tuition rates, charge gross polluters extra, sell off BLM land, close Guantanamo, sell outdated military equipment for scrap… These are just the first things that popped into my head, and I’m just a humble, lower-middle class mom (with a good head on my shoulders and a college degree)

The days of “Macho, shows of power” are over my friends. Bombs won’t solve shit, they’ll just make it worse. It’s time to sit down like big boys and girls. Listen to each other, respect one another, work with as many people as you can to solve the problem, cast hate, and disdain aside… For the future of our children and the human race.

“If we don’t end war, war will end us”, HG Wells.

Until y’all figure it out, I have my wine…And it’ll have to do!


If you agree, spread it around like a virus…

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