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Being a woman in today’s society.

Why are females treated the way they are?

Paid less, listened to less, appreciated less, considered less intelligent, etc. Why is this? I mean, honestly, if history has shown us anything, it’s that a majority of men in make completely stupid decisions when left to their own devices – In my opinion, most of their troubles could be mitigated by a female voice to guide them.

What is the problem with treating us equally?

Based on what I’ve read of ancient cultures, the Egyptians regarded women equal in every way, save the position of Pharaoh (though a couple of females took that job anyway); but even that is way more forward thinking than what we have now. Ancient Celtics, some Asian and Native American tribes, and even the Spartans all held women as equals; while some cultures didn’t allow us to vote or hold office, we were equal in every other way – even Spartan women could test their mettle in sports and sparring competitions, against men, something we can’t do even today.  Several ancient cultures revered the Earth as “mother” and as such treated their women with the utmost care and respect (we are after all the bringers of life). In cultures such as these women were heard and heeded; and it was not until Man wanted more that things went downhill.

I want to know why, in this day and age, we are still promoting the idea that women must be perfect (as in air brushed and 2% body fat). I am not sure when the practice stopped, but even in Roman times the female figure (the real one, that included stretch marks, hips, and that “pooch” from child bearing that a lot of us are “blessed” with) was celebrated and most often sought after. Why are we constantly told that we aren’t good enough? Products are made and marketed specifically to make us hate ourselves and want to change; and we fall for it. We are targeted with ads 24/7, selling us things to – get rid of this or that, enhance x, tighten y, “you’re female? We have a pill for that”. We let this bullshit seep into our brains and death spiral into a world of crazy. This stupid need to be skinnier, tanner, have bigger boobs, butt or lips, straighter and whiter teeth, different eye or hair color, etc. Basically we are striving for someone else’s idea of “Perfect”…

The reality is: we were all born “perfect”!

There is no such thing as an imperfection, just differences. The “perfect” fallacy implies we should all be the same! I invite you to show me an example if this, so called, perfect woman we are all yearning to be; I guarantee she is NOT as beautiful as you are right now, and she probably has a shit ton less to offer the world. (This argument can be made for men also)

When did it turn into “Just give her jewelry, she’ll shut up and love you forever”? Or “Women just love to shop, give em a charge card and they won’t complain”? Maybe this is partially our fault for being complacent and not speaking up? Some women like gifts (ok, most of us), but there is a difference between “gifting” and buying us shit just to keep us placated.

I have repeatedly told my husband to NOT buy me jewelry, not even a wedding ring (8 years in he did get me one, but I rarely wore it and then it was stolen and I see no need to have it replaced). I also hate flower bouquets (why waste your money on something that will be dead in a couple days, buy the whole plant, it will last much longer), I prefer practical gifts: new plants for my garden, video games, books, etc – And I get gifts all the time, but my voice does not disappear afterwards; I am given things because I am loved, and for no other reason, this is how it should be.

Who decided that women weren’t as smart as men? That person was obviously lacking in the brains department themselves. If it wasn’t for women we may not have a lot of the things we do today, including computers, and stuff most of us take for granted, like call waiting; and by now we should all know how women got our first astronauts back home safely. This theme of women being less intelligent than men is one of the biggest lies we have been fed. Probably just more propaganda aimed at keeping us “head down, mouth shut”. If we were given more opportunities, and allowed to follow our passions without being beaten down by naysayers and haters, and our dreams nurtured by those who wanted to see us succeed… We would soar! Our brains have the same capacity to “think” as any man’s, do not ever let anyone tell you differently.

Women don’t have the capacity to run a country? (Seriously, who the heck are these people?) We have been running countries since as far back as recorded history allows us to look, and I’m betting there were some before that. We are just as capable as men at every aspect of the job. People argue that we are too emotional for the job: are we emotional? Well ya, and you want us to be; if there is no emotion when deciding whether or not to drop bombs, put troops on the ground or provide health care, then you might as well be a cold, calculating robot. Our leaders should not just think about numbers and odds, you must factor in the human aspects of everything – these are after all fellow human being you are condemning to death (this is true for all decisions though, from Health care to war, and everything in between).

I’m not sure we’re exactly I’m going with this ramble, other than to say:

There is no such thing as a “lesser” sex (or race for that matter). Women are just as good as men in every way, shape and form. Do not fall into the trap of having to be perfect, you already are. Do not believe anyone who tells you that you are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, strong enough; they are just afraid – Afraid you already are!

So until us women figure out how to be happy with ourselves and stand up for actual “equal” rights: I have my wine… and it’ll have to do.


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