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Wine induced ramble #1

Warning, wine induced ramble ahead, proceed with caution.

I took some time out to read some news articles that popped up on my feed (scary shit that I would rather not read again) and decided to start stocking up on essentials; seeds, DIY books, buying extra non perishables, etc.

I am not one of those “dooms-dayers” who build a bunker and prep for the end of days, but when a good percentage of the worlds scientific minds (including Stephen Hawking) say our days are numbered, I listen.

While I am not locking my family in a lead lined bomb shelter, I am trying to get us a bit more self sustainable, just in case.

Look, no one can foresee the end with any certainty (except the one who pulls the trigger), but I have always been a “better safe than sorry” kind of person. And, although I am not afraid of the future (or any apocalypse it may bring), I’d rather be ready for it than caught completely unaware. You can call me nutty or crazy all you want, but if peace fails or our governments new anti-science stance bites us in the ass, I want to live as long as possible; and I want my family to as well.

One of my biggest concerns is that I do not have the ability to “back-up” the internet, in its entirety, for prosperity. If or when the world goes dark, for whatever reason, think of all the information that will be lost; because the “cloud” is not physical; it’s stored on servers that require power and satellites to beam the information to people. All that data, truth and alt-truth alike, will be lost to all but the survivors who remember or books that manage to not become kindling (I have my own stockpile of them – my “prosperity” library). There will be more pressing matters of course (food being the biggest), but as an avid seeker of knowledge, I worry about this stuff.

As I said, there is no real point to this particular blog post…

But thanks to the news I have a whole new set of concerns. And thanks to my wine, I can still fall asleep at night…and it’ll have to do.


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