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Freedom of Speech

Did you know that under the US Constitution all Americans, regardless of Race, religion, Sex or Creed, are given this wonderful thing called Freedom of Speech.

Yet, lately both sides of the isle have been whining, pissing, moaning and protesting (sometimes violently) over who gets to use it. What’s the deal people? Freedom of Speech means EVERYBODY gets to have their say – no matter what you think of the message or the person.

Berkeley, CA. – Home of a lot of Democrats… Have been acting like fools for awhile now; literally stopping, with violence, speakers like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos. I don’t know if they are aware that the First Amendment applies to everyone equally. Also, not everything has to turn violent when you don’t get your way, you are not babies. There is such a thing as a “peaceful” protest, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was very successful with these, maybe you should research his work.

Republicans – I know Stephen Colbert insulted your “guy” in the WH and you are really upset about it; if only there weren’t that pesky Amendment getting in your way. Again, he has the right to say what he wants about whomever he wants; and so do you.

(on a side note: I don’t see anything Homophobic about Colbert’s comments, simply because it was not directed at a member of the LGBT community. If you call a man a “Pussy”, is that an affront to all women? No, it is not. Was it hysterical? Passionate is the word you’re looking for here (and yes it certainly was passionate).

If you don’t stop taking it for granted, or trying to take it away from everyone you don’t like… it will be taken away from us all. The politicians will decide we aren’t “adult” enough to have such freedom’s, and will revoke it. I’m sure no one believes this can happen, but I assure you, amendments can be changed – and it requires no input from “us” to get it done.

I’m not saying we should all “shut-up and sit down”, but if you have issues with “what” other people say, or “how” they say it, speak your mind; That IS your right.

It is NOT your right to hurt them (physically), or to stop them from exercising their own rights of free speech.

I really hope that both sides of the aisle can put on their “big boy/girl pants” and learn to respect each other, regardless of each others views. Until then, I have my wine… and it’ll have to do.


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