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Ambulance noises

Okay the title doesn’t seem to invoke the irritation I’d hoped it would,. But have you ever attempted to calm down your household to the sound of sirens? Oh boy! Let me tell you how aggitated it makes me…

My son likes to use YouTube to learn, he is extremely visual and it seems to help him grasp a lot of concepts I may not be able to help him understand (like multiple languages)… Every now and again he decides he wants to watch something that is so irritating it makes me want to chuck his tablet off the nearest cliff face; which happens to be the front door.

As I speak, he is watching a video of vehicles honking or going down the road with the sirens on… And for the love of all that is it holy, it is taking every ounce of my being not to throw his electronics away in a fit of rage and rebellion.

I have to keep telling myself that he is learning…


And I know he is not doing it just to spite me (though even if he was, I’d probably praise him for figuring out a complex human emotion).

I would bask in silent glory if he’d decide he was comfortable wearing headphones; at least then I wouldn’t have to hear the cacophony that is emanating from his tablet – but no, nothing can touch his ears or there will be a meltdown of the nuclear variety.

So I am stuck listening to all the different types of sirens, horns and noises that vehicles make (from every country on the planet, you know, just in case there is a slight difference in tone or pitch;”it’s for prosperity mom”).

I love my son, and want him to learn whatever he is interested in… But OMG, if it weren’t for my wine we’d be learning to live like the Amish! So I suppose it’ll have to do…


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