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The most economical thing to plant in your garden (depending on your climate).

You may not know this, but berries are super easy to grow, care for and propagate (make more of).

Now where I live berries are not that pricey – living within 10 miles of one of the worlds top producers tends to lessen the price gouge – between $2 & $5 depending on the season. I have heard of other areas that pay triple that!

There are berry varieties that will grow in practically every climate. They are relatively easy to figure out if you employ the use of Google search; try searching first for your hardiness zone, then “(insert berry name here) that grow in zone (enter yours)”.

There are several ways to get your berries going, some involve money, some do not.

First ask neighbors, family or friends if they have the plant your looking for. If they do, it’s easy enough to ask for cuttings that you can plant yourself (if you are unsure of how to go about this process YouTube is the best resource). If they don’t…

Try a local farmer or farmers market; and if they don’t have cuttings you can still buy the berries and extract the seeds (again YouTube).

Also look for what grows wild in your neck of the woods; The park I take my children to has raspberry bushes everywhere, just happily growing in the wild. I also have a patch of wild strawberries that grow right outside my door, they were here when I moved in and require not one bit of attention from me (not even watering), but grow like weeds anyway. Other not-so-well-known berry sources: Manzanita, Madrone and Juniper trees.

If none of these options work, you can always purchase a starter plant from a local gardening center or seeds from online.

Once you have your plant it will require little to no care; most berries are notoriously hearty. Water, sunshine and maybe something to keep the wildlife away (oh yes, they love berries too) is all that is required to reap the benefits. Just a few plants are all you need to keep you berry stocks full – that in and of itself should be enough reason to grow them – but wait, there’s more…

Berries are a superfood!

Chocked-full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, these little powerhouses do it all: Lower cholesterol, and blood pressure, keep you looking young and healthy by giving your hair, skin and nails essential nutrients, and of course stave off illness and some diseases. You don’t even have to eat that many of them to gain these benefits; a small handful a day will suffice. Plus there are ways to store them once picked, so that they are available in the winter too.

So growing berries not only saves you money by lessening the expensive trip to the store for a bushel, but there is also a good chance it will save you money on cold and flu remedies, as well as doctor visits. All with little to no money or effort involved to grow. It’s a Win-Win!

They can also be added to one’s wine for a super yummy, natural sangria… and it’ll do!


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