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Seriously? Enough already!

This is a post for the 1 percenters out there.

How much is enough?

Please refrain from laughing, this is a serious question!

You 1% have enough money to live lavishly for about 100 years, or “richly” for 200, modestly for roughly 500, and even poorly for 1000 – none of which you will live long enough to see.

Your children’s, children’s, children will not live long enough to see the latter 3 to fruition and maybe not even the first – depending on life choices and how quickly ya’ll destroy the planet.

So why? Why do you need all that money? You know you cannot take it with you, right? What is it accomplishing? To prove your better, or more important than the rest of us? You know that money can’t do that, right? It’s just a piece of paper (granted one that can get “things”), yet while for you it may be some great symbol of power, for the rest of us, it just means more food on the table, or a more reliable car. Are you aware that the less of it you share, the more people resent you? And the more of it you amass the less “real” friends you have. You know that money cannot buy happiness or love, right?

What is the point?

What could you possibly need it all for?

If you are religious and one of these greedy sots… You know you’re going straight to hell, right? You cannot buy your way into heaven, it is not a super elite club for selfish pricks. And even if you somehow absolve yourself in your​ last days, I bet they have a specific section dedicated to people like you (somewhere heaven-adjacent – I’m picturing a vast desert where your dreams sit just on the horizon, like an oasis, and you run for it, but just when you think you’ve made it there, it “Poof’s” away in a mirage, and all you hear is the laughter of children).

You people are a shame on the entire human race! No really. When we finally meet alien life forms, I kind of hope they are a super compassionate, highly evolved species – that doesn’t take kindly to those who value “things” over decency – and they do horrible things to you (things that would make the meanest dictator shit his pants).

Barring some form of alien intervention though…

Honestly, where did the human experiment go so horribly wrong within this group? At what point did just a select few of you decide that enough was never enough?

We are hardwired to care for our fellow humans, some of us way more than others, obviously. Now, I may not be religious, but even I know the Bible says to “love thy neighbors” and feed the hungry; both of which are very good codes of ethics to follow. Both of which are completely lost on you.

My income is considered below the poverty line, but I still find it in my heart to donate money and items to charity every month. I also give others money if they need it, even though I can’t afford it, and just tighten my budget for a bit.

If those of us who have little can aide those with less, then what the fuck is wrong with these greedy assholes who have everything?

I am a firm believer that humans could accomplish tremendous feats if we simply applied ourselves and started treating everyone fairly. Those who think we are not all equals… There is something seriously wrong with you. We are all made of the same components. We all either stepped out of the primordial ooze or were begotten from the same parents, depending ​on your beliefs. Sure we look different, act different, and have different likes/dislikes (some of us have different cognitive and behavioral differences), but what makes up one human, makes up us all. We are all equals, and no amount of money is going to change that.

I posit this: Every man, woman and child you deny equality to because of your greed, has the potential to be great. They could find the cure for cancer, solve world hunger, create viable renewable energy sources, end a conflict or war, etc (oh ya, I forgot, there is a profit to be made on all of these, so you don’t want them to go away).

But you ass-hats are so busy thinking only of yourselves, you fail to see the big picture. If we fail, you fail…

Are you going to dredge up and refine your own oil? Sail your own fishing boat to collect your own caviar? Shear your own sheep, pick cotton, sew your own suits? Who will mind the nuclear reactors? Who will keep your lights on? Who will pick your produce and cook you dinner? Who will defend you and your shit?

Without us 99% you are nothing and would have nothing, it’s about time you showed us some gratitude.

You have to know that your cash piles mean nothing in the grand scheme of things…

Would it really hurt you to share “some” of it?

I’m not taking about donating to charity and calling it a day; that’s a start, but most of us who struggle get no help from charity.

I’m talking about raising your employees wages, so they don’t need 2 jobs to survive. Offering a “good” health insurance package, so your workers (and their families) can get/stay healthy; thus being able to be more productive for your company. Don’t pollute the environment, this kills things, and not just Flora, fauna as well; we humans happen to be a type of fauna (in other words, please stop giving your fellow man cancer because you’re irresponsible). Aw, hazard cleanup is gonna cost you an extra million per year to handle responsibly? When your profits are equal to or more than the GDP of an entire country, I think you can afford the fucking costs. Even if your profits are less than that, believe me, it will behoove you to do things the “right” way; doing them the wrong way is either a direct ticket to hell for killing the planet (oh yes, if there is a God, he will be pissed you trashed the house) or outright murder, which also means you’re hell bound.

Simple decency and common sense, that is really all we ask.

I’m not even going to try to tackle how politics are so embroiled with the 1% that they are only capable of catering to the wealthiest (read loudest, because money, “supposedly” talks) and therefore will never do what’s in the best interest of the people, because we cannot “afford” to get their attention – another post, maybe.

To the rest of the 99%…

You know that we outnumber them, right? By a HUGE number! Roughly 350 thousand of us to each one of them. I don’t know about you, but to me it seams like they should more fucking careful, lest we decide to get organized…

The proud men and women of our military fall in the 99% category, they get paid a paltry amount to put their lives on the line; I’m guessing they would not be comfortable killing their fellow American’s for a few hundred rich pricks.

You can ignore my message all you want, but know this: you will get what you deserve, one way or another, and I don’t mean a first class ticket to the promise land or an all expenses paid vacation to “rich people” heaven (the latter most certainly doesn’t exist, jackass). Until then, I have my wine…at it’ll have to do.


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