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It’s been almost two weeks since my last post… I apologize, things get crazy around here every now and again.

Just a quick update on the last few days…

When your best friend is also your enemy

Bugs: My daughter likes books about them, but squeals if one touches her. My son on the other hand, prefers to catch them: though not with a net or cup, that would be too easy. As I may have mentioned before, my boy is a bug catching Ninja; he can easily pluck any bug out of the sky, or off the wall, with simply his thumb and index finger (who needs chopsticks with a skill like that). When he was 2, he started snatching bee’s out of the air, and has never been stung; he was always careful to set them free unharmed.

This last week I am in the kitchen doing dishes, when he comes up behind me saying “spider”. Now this in and of itself is not odd, as he has a habit of coming to me and randomly (at least it tends to seem that way) saying words that he wants me to repeat. It has become a very familiar routine in the house. This particular day was different however, in that, he continued to walk behind me and say “spider”. Since I was busy doing the dishes I didn’t think much of the exchange, other than he kept repeating the same word, which is unlike him. After about the 5th repetition I turned to look at him, expecting a picture on a tablet or one of a dozen toy spiders, what I got was…

I am afraid of spiders​, not deathly, but close enough! So when I looked at my son’s pincer grip and saw a live spider grasped within… let’s just say, I immediately had to pee! What makes this story funny (at least to me), is that once I acknowledged the spider he had captured, he walked over to the carpet, and laid on his belly. Once situated, he put his face near the spider and set it loose… Only to yell “BAM!”, while smashing that spider to smithereens less than 2 seconds after so graciously releasing it.

I may never know what is going through his mind, but what I do know is: he likes bee’s enough to not harm them, but spiders? Not so much!

When going to the movies is not an Autism obstacle…

Decided to take the kids to the movies, to watch the Guardians of the Galaxy 2; both kids love Groot! We had only been to the theater once before though, about a year and a half ago, to see the Minions movie: it went well enough.

It has become clearly evident, that the problem is not the theater itself, it is, in fact, my 5 year old daughter. While my son did very well both times (only needing a slight reprieve from the sensory overload that is a movie), my daughter fared much worse (both times). Within 10 minutes, she was over it. Now granted, this was not a “kids” movie per say, but she has watched the first one at home a dozen times, at least, without incident. Although, in retrospect, she only made it through 30 minutes of the Minions movie before losing interest; guess I should have seen it coming.

This brought up an unusual conundrum… I’m always worried about my son in these situations, it literally never occurred to me that my daughter would be the one with an issue: after all, she is not the one with Autism. Guess I’ll wait another year and see how she fares.

The day when everything goes wrong…

We all have those days when it seems like the universe is out to get you.

10 am: I ask the kids dad to take a load of crap to the dump for me, which he was happy to help with, and then…

10:30 am: I asked him to swap out the propane tank (that’s how we cook, and heat water, and the fridge runs off it also), and that’s when the copper line broke; Ok, no problem, we can get a part and fix it.

12 noon: So, off to the dump he goes and he’s going to stop and get the part on the way back, easy stuff, done and done. He’s also grabbing a pizza on the way home, since I can’t cook without propane: yay, everything is going well.

Until, 4 pm, on the way back, a branch crashes into his truck (brand spanking new, by the way) and shatters his back window; Ok, no big deal, it’s insured.

5 pm: He gets back and starts to repair the propane line when he realizes, one of the parts he purchased is missing. After calling the hardware store and realizing it is still there, he has to head back out to retrieve it (no small feat, since it takes an hour to get to any town from the house). It’s 6 pm when he begins this journey.

After all is said and done, it is 9 pm; seriously time for booze…

This is just a third of what occurred this week! And so, as much as I want to blog consistently, sometimes life (or bad luck, or a steaming pile of shit) just gets in the way. But I still have my wine… and it’ll have to do.


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