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The Demise of Logic…

What follows is not an argument for or against anything. I am merely trying to open a dialogue. It will also be a bit scatter-brained, bear with me.

Question Everything… Accept Nothing

America, as we know it, is a mere 241 years old, in terms of countries we are in our teen years, and appropriately, it will become (read: is already in) our most difficult and dramatic period.

Does anyone know what happened to logic, reason, and rational thinking? Cigarettes don’t cause cancer; we believed that for decades, until science (real science) proved otherwise. So the question remains… why do we still just take everything at face value without doing the research ourselves? You see, the tobacco companies ‘made up’ science to lull us into a false sense of security regarding their product: end goal, to make more money off of our ignorance. Companies will always put their bottom line over the safety of the consumer: until we learn to do our research and protest with our money. But the question here is not ‘how to put the fires’ to the companies, it’s how do we ‘wake up’ the public to question everything. Let’s go over some examples:

Vaccines: volatile subject, I know… The vaccine studies that “prove” they are safe for our children are done by the companies who manufacture them. They are then ‘Okay-ed’ by the CDC which is run by people who either used to work for said company or plan to in the future (this is called the revolving door of government, and it is bad, hmkay). Now I’m not saying we should drop vaccines all together and hope for the best… I’m saying we should have completely unbiased outside sources for these tests. If they can conclude that vaccines are indeed safe, then yay, hallelujah, business as usual. If they cannot prove the safety, then shouldn’t the companies change their formulas, and find a safer way to achieve the same result? This is not rocket science, it’s basic logic. If your product is killing, hurting, maiming, or disabling people shouldn’t you be responsible enough, as a multi-billion dollar company, to address the issue? And shouldn’t the people demand it of them? The sane answer is ‘yes’, but again, smoking is good for you.

Climate Change: I have read many differing “opinions” on the subject, ranging from ‘conspiracy theories’ to strait up politically driven nonsense. I have also read many different scientific papers on the subject, both for and against.  Once again, it would behoove us to do our research here. Who is funding these? Who stands to gain the most if we ignore the problem? Oil companies and gross polluters. And who gains the least if we address it? Oil companies and gross polluters. I don’t need any studies to confirm that the human race is destroying the planet; from deforestation to the thick blankets of smog over cities (neither of which is ‘good’ for anyone let alone the entire planet). If you somehow think that Earth will miraculously heal itself without our help, then you never paid attention in science class (or to the bible). For the science believers: It took billions of years for this planet to form, and it was only by chance that it turned out the way it did. The nearest Earth-like planet is 12 light years away which would take tens of thousands of years to reach using our current technology, and we don’t even know if it’s life sustaining. If we put this in rational terms: this is our ONLY planet, why would you be in favor of destroying it, for no reward other than profits for someone else? For the Faithful: God gave you this planet as a gift, if you ruin it, he’s not going to replace it; if you buy your child something (anything) with explicit instructions that this is the only one they get, and then they willfully and purposefully destroy it, are you really going to buy them a brand new one?.

Fake News: Again, I will not advocate any particular station or channel, but there a few things about the media you should know… All major media outlets are owned by large corporations, as are the majority of television and radio stations in general. Now keeping in mind that corporations are only in it to help their bottom line, I give you this to think on: Donald Trump has done nothing while in office thus far that hasn’t helped either a corporation or a bank; the corporations know he is helping them, so why then would they create ‘false’ news making him look bad? He is their ally, their friend, the politician they’ve always wanted in office, so what could be their reasoning behind trying to point out to the American populace his faults, errors or possible treason? If you think about it logically, they would have no reason to do so; in fact it would be in the media’s best interest to ignore it all and continue to give us mind numbing BS. Granted, the media in and of itself makes a profit, determined by ratings which determines advertisers, but no CEO in their right mind would purposefully try to screw profits from one area to gain a little bit in another. Again, always follow the money: which company owns said media outlet, and what do they have to gain or lose by said story? It doesn’t even matter which side the media outlet ‘identifies’ with: left and right are not the biggest issue when it comes to corporations. Also, there is no such thing as “alternative-facts”, something is either true or it isn’t: do your research.

The best thing about democracy is our freedom of speech; it is also the worst.

What happened to “having a discussion”? While we’re asking, what the hell happened to manners and decorum?

As I read through news stories, twitter, instagram, etc. there very quickly becomes a theme to the comments sections (and often the article or post in general)… we are just yelling at each other, name calling and generally being rude pieces of shit to one another. Did technology somehow make us forget that we are talking to actual people? What gives us the right to be such rude, inconsiderate ass-hats over the internet, when 99% of us would not dare do it in person? Are the modern age and “do unto others” not compatible things? Or have we all just become a bunch of rude, selfish, ‘stuck in our ways’ people? Why is it so hard for us to have a normal conversation with others on conflicting views? If you believe the sky is purple, or the earth is flat, I’m not going to jump down your throat about it, I’d honestly like to hear your rationale so that I may decide if you are right. But at the same time you must be open to the fact that you might be wrong. We are all humans, which means we are fallible. We make mistakes and learn from them. Smarter humans come along and prove our realities right or wrong. We must relearn what it means to be open-minded and humble. We all have brains, and they all have the same capacity for thought and knowledge. Instead of using these wonderful things to question, learn and grow as individuals and as a species, we use them to mock, demean, berate and troll those who do not agree with us, or who look different.

Personally, I think we are on the verge of WWIII, the planet is in stage 2 skin cancer, and the human species is doomed to failure. There is still time to get back on track but I won’t hold my breath. We’re either going to eradicate ourselves in one of 1000 ways or we’re going to become ‘enlightened’ and fix our mess. Until one of those happens, I have my wine… and it’ll have to do.



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