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Accidents Happen – and Sometimes they Suck!

It started as a normal enough day…

We woke up early and left for town because I had a dental appointment (I’m lucky to have found a dentist who loves my children and doesn’t mind them being there at all). It took an hour – because cleanings are never quick – and both kids managed to pull through without breaking anything or getting too out of control (they let my daughter watch cartoons so that helped).

So we leave the dentist and head off to get lunch…

This is when things start to go downhill…

We pull into the parking lot of a few different eating establishments. My daughter notifies me that she wants to go to the Burrito Factory, but I had already decided to visit Five Guys (mostly because they have a restroom, and I had to use it). Once I declare my intentions, she is immediately in tears, near hysteria. So I park and spend 5 minutes calming her down so that we can go in (did I mention, I really had to go potty?).

At this juncture it’s all normal routine…

We get inside and wait in line for our turn. I am rubbing my sons head and listening to my daughter whine about my choice in food, when our turn comes up.

And them all hell broke loose…

As we go to move forward there is a small display shelf on my right (where boxes of peanuts sit), it is lower than the height of a normal bench, and was easily mistaken by me as just another box (it was however jutting out from the wall by 4 inches or so). My foot got caught on the leg of this small shelf and I heard a hideous “crack”. I managed to get it unstuck just before completely falling and attempted to use it to stop my inevitable crash with the floor, only to have it do a complete 90 degree angle with my ankle. And down I went, Hard!

I’ve hurt my ankles and feet before, but this was a new kind of pain…

I immediately felt like I was gonna throw up. Another customer tried to help me to my feet, but I couldn’t move, I literally felt frozen. I sat there on the floor for a good 5 minutes before I even attempted to move. Once I was upright I did the first thing I could think of – I ordered my kids their food. The clerks got me some ice and I limped to a table; I also limped to the bathroom, cause ya, I still had to go. We got our food and I carefully applied the ice to my foot as I attempted to eat and feed the kids. Two bites into my hamburger told me all I needed to know: my foot was broken. How can eating a hamburger tell you that? It’s hard to describe – something about how nauseous I was feeling and how bad the pain was getting tipped me off. I immediately called the kids dad, explained the situation and had him come “save the day”.

Everything went pretty fast after that…

Trip the the ER confirmed the break, they gave me a splint and some crutches, and we were out of there in just over an hour. I was driven back home with the kids and left there while the hubby got a ride back into town to get his vehicle.

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before or not, but I do not use drugs – not recreational, and not prescription – if it were life or death, I’d probably take them, but this is not that kind of situation (I’ve given birth to 3 kids without pain medication, and while pregnancy memory is a funny fellow – in that, most women don’t remember the pain – I’m still sure it was worse than my foot woes). So I pop some herbs for inflammation and skip the wine in favor of something stronger – Lemonade (fresh squeezed of course) and vodka (is there a name for this drink?). Alcohol is my preferred method of pain reduction; as my husband says “it doesn’t get rid of the pain, but if you drink enough, you’ll stop caring about it”.

It is now day 3 and while it still hurts and is a bit inflamed, I’m surviving well enough. It hurts the worst when I get up for any reason, and at night. Yesterday the podiatrist gave me a walking boot, and said I could walk on my foot without issue (apparently the fracture is minimal), but right now I can’t even look at my toes without the whole thing throbbing. On top of the break, my foot is severely sprained, and I tore a ligament (one of the long ones that connect up your leg), so I’m gonna be “taking it easy” for at least a week, maybe 2.

Apparently my daughter has some kind of ESP or Foresight ability, and I will have to heed it in the future…

My son now “makes fun of me” as I crutch through the house by repeating “Hop on one foot”. He also says “I broke my arm” and even though I try to correct him with “foot”, he insists on “arm” (because he saw it in a video and that’s how his mind works).

Now my summer is officially ruined (I can’t even drive), but I managed to make it 40 years before breaking anything; that’s something at least. So, while I wait out my bodies ability to heal, I have my wine (and vodka)… and it’ll have to do.


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