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My Busy Family

For those of you who read this bullsh!t I call a blog, you’ll remember I broke (sprained, strained and pulled also) my foot roughly two weeks ago. Those that are new, read here for context.

“You will know who your true friends are only when you are in need”

I have recently come to find out, much to my dismay, this applies to family also.

So I’m obviously in a situation where I could use a hand around the house – with my ‘bum’ foot and all – and yet…

I cannot get ONE family member to come and lend me a hand for even five minutes.

Granted only one lives close enough to me for it to be considered an easy task, but here’s the thing: I have dropped everything to help members of my family, even driving a couple hours if needed. If my family needs anything (and I am able to give it), I jump on it; I’ve always thought this is what family is for. It has become clear to me though, that this feeling is not mutual, and it honestly breaks my heart.

If one cannot rely on family, then what is left?

I literally have no friends, and this is mostly by choice, but partly because my life does not allow “time to find any”. I had always just assumed that my family would be there for me when I really needed it: jokes on me I guess.

Here I am, looking at a 4 to 8 week recovery time, and even though they all know I need help (and one offered to, but straight up flaked on me, and now isn’t even returning my calls or texts), no one is coming.

I was mad at first. Now I’m just greatly disappointed, and very hurt.

I apologize for the rambling rant, but I had to let it out somehow.

While I would love nothing more than to drown my sorrows in an alcohol induced stupor…

As per everything I have read and been told, it’s not beneficial for bone repair, and so I am having to abstain (gasp) from all things wine or otherwise inebriating (sigh) until my bone has at least gotten past stage 2 of mending (4 week mark, if I’m lucky). Everyone drink up in my stead…


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