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Dear Bioware – Please don’t…

I have been reading a LOT of articles speculating the “end of Mass Effect”, Andromeda and otherwise. While I know these are just people making guesses with whatever information they currently have: it scares me.

Mass Effect is my Absolute Favorite Game Series EVER!

I have purchased well over $1000 in merchandise, just so ME is on or around me at all times. I have all the books, tons of clothes, cups, journals, wallets, figures, towels, and more. I have written a 198 page fan fiction, just for my own personal amusement. I replay ME 1-3 every year, starting on Shepard’s birthday and ending on mine. I celebrate N7 Day with a party, every year. Halloween for me is N7 pride day. In other words, I am ADDICTED to Mass Effect.

I know Andromeda has gotten a lot of flack…

  1. It wouldn’t be the first game to get bad reviews at first but thrive afterwards (even among your own game list) .
  2. Every game has Haters (and yes, they are often louder than fans).
  3. It didn’t/probably won’t get GOY (this does not mean it’s crap, just that it could be better).

I am aware sales were not what you anticipated, that does not mean however, that your game was not loved. Even I wrote a review that wasn’t the nicest, it does not mean I hated the game though – in fact I Loved it – I was just trying to point out things that could have made it better. Was ME:A perfect? Hell No! However, “not perfect” and “total crap” are NOT the same. I appreciate you taking the feedback and trying to fix some things in game, I truly do, the game will be more fun to play the next time (I’ve already played through 3 complete games).

I cannot adequately describe to you how important this game series is to me!

I know you have not made any official announcements regarding the stopping of the series. This is however, my official plea: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON MASS EFFECT!

If you are still working on DLC’s and have plans for sequels (and if you are please say something soon), then you can, of course, ignore this, but if you have indeed decided to drop ME, PLEASE reconsider. Some of us are die-hard fans and would be totally lost, and utterly heartbroken without the series.

All I can do is hope and pray you don’t disappoint, as a lack of ME may result in a severe bout of depression. Until then I have my wine (or I will once my broken foot is healed)… and it’ll have to do.


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