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Update of a mangled foot

So, it’s been a month since I strained, sprained, pulled, tore and broke my foot – it was a glorious sports injury, that I sincerely wish I had gotten while playing a sport.

My doctor has given me the go ahead to ditch the walking boot, which is great! That thing made it impossible to walk correctly and has absolutely no arch support.

I am slowly, oh so slowly, walking on my foot – both with shoes and barefoot. I cannot begin to explain how painful it is to walk on it right now. The only thing that tops it is giving birth; luckily that pain is gone relatively quickly. My muscles, tendons, and ligaments are all vehemently protesting the use of the foot in any capacity. Now, my doctor assures me it is safe to walk on, as the bone is now mended; however it doesn’t feel like it’s ready to be used, to me. The arch of my foot refuses to have pressure put on it, and my ankle feels like it was hit with a tack hammer. But, Doctor knows best right?

I’m just hoping that I can drive soon, my kids are tired of spending the summer indoors doing nothing and I am getting cabin fever! And you’d think with all this “spare time” I’d be able to post more, but that just has not been the case.

Here’s to getting back to normal!

Oh and wine has been resumed, so drink on!


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