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RE: Autism – Truth & Food

When feeding your child with Autism becomes a science project:

For those of you who follow the blog, you’ll remember my son has a self-limiting diet of about 20 foods. In, and of itself, this is not the worst thing in the world; though it is most certainly challenging. His diet consists of 50% meat, 40% carbs, and 10% fruit. It is however, making him fat, which I am not okay with. So I’ve decided to attempt to “hide” vegetables in various foods and increase his fruit intake: no easy feat, considering all his dietary restrictions, and his problematic “gag reflex” to anything remotely healthy.

I’ve also recently decided to go as vegan as I possibly can (I occasionally cheat with diary products), because my own weight issues were not resolving on a paleo diet; in fact they were getting worse. Also, I have watched too many documentaries about how poorly the animals we eat are treated, and how animal products are not necessary for survival. I guess I’m really gong for the Michael Pollan diet – “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants” – though I’m still leaning towards the “no meat” as well. Meat and dairy can also mess up our bodies natural hormones, which doesn’t help. Amazingly, after just 3 weeks of being vegan, I can safely say my digestion has started working properly again, I feel “lighter”, and my skin is looking much more “youthful”; side effects I am happy have.

But taking this new food choice into account, feeding my son just became infinitely harder.

He is already: Gluten, Soy, GMO and additive free (no dyes, preservatives, etc). I also try to avoid anything with oil in it, because they almost never use good fats. Plus, he’s a texture eater: crunchy is preferred, finger foods are acceptable, but if a utensil has to be involved it’s a no-go. So pre-made easy things are super hard to come by for him (not to mention expensive). Add on top of that, I’m not the best cook in the world – though there are a few things I have mastered – so recreating things I “know” how to cook with vegan ingredients is something I’m not sure I can pull off (and if he “sees” the veggies he’ll refuse).

Thus the conundrum…

Anyone have any ideas you’d like to share?

I will keep plugging away at this and researching online, but until then, I have my wine… And it’ll have to do.


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