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So, That Happened…

My families journey into veganism (vegetarianism for the kids) has been fairly successful thus far – my biggest complaint is that the food is either too “cardboard” or too “my mouth is on fire” (and I’m not the best when it comes to using herbs & spices to make things better, did I mention… I’m not a very good cook?).

I was able to find some pre-made vegan “burgers” with natural ingredients that my son will actually eat (Hillary’s & Sunshine Burger), but they tend to fall apart once cooked making “turning them into finger foods” a difficult task; though I got around that by mashing them into a grilled cheese or quesadilla. My son’s taste buds still require me to add garlic powder and a bit of sea salt to each patty, but he’s eating them nonetheless.

After eating this way strictly for one month a strange thing happened…

We went to breakfast – at one of the only places we can get gluten free pancakes – and he happily scarfed down bacon (can’t really blame him on that, I definitely miss bacon). Later I had to give him a hot dog to tide him over till we got home (which he ate without issue), but his tummy later decided it was not appropriate and he proceeded to vomit everywhere (this was not a fun evening). The next day we went out to a Greek eatery and decided to “cheat” – Lamb gyro’s = yummy! I offered my son pieces of chicken and lamb (which normally he would jump at), and he vehemently refused them. This is a child whose main percentage of calories for over 5 years was meat, of any kind!

I think my boy has decided being a vegetarian agrees with him more (his digestion is also Much better) and so we’ll stick with it – though maybe with the occasional treat of bacon. I am happy that transitioning him was no where near as hard as I imagined it was going to be!

I find it most amusing that even though my son is the “picky” eater, my daughter (the neuro-typical kid) is the one having the hardest time changing eating habits. Though in her defense, she has never had trouble eating her veggies, or most foods I put before her (she does have a weird aversion to “beans” though).

Other than missing a lot of “staple” dishes, and having trouble with adequately “flavoring” recipes, everything is going fine on the new diet front. Sadly, I cannot report any weight loss… My digestion is better and I am no longer in constant pain after eating, but I see no difference in my waist line or on the scale.

I will keep at it because I “feel” better, but I may have to look into specific herbs or tea blends to assist in weight loss. Until I find them, I have my wine… And it’ll have to do.


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