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When the “end of your rope” is really just a horrible week…

What we perceive at the time can be vastly different when viewed again after a few days (hindsight is 20/20 after all). This is what happened to me, but at the time, Oh man, was it trying every last ounce of patience I had.

So some things have gotten better: Hopefully

The relationship problem is a bit better. We were actually able to have a long talk and I think we have worked it out: or there is now a band-aid on the grand canyon, only time will tell.

Knowledge is power:

I have discovered that my daughters atrocious behavior is linked to growth spurts. So I will have to start supplementing her with extra nutrients to try and alleviate the burden on her body: which will, hopefully, tone down her mean, defiant outbursts during these times. This never occurred to me to think of before, but it makes complete sense; seeing as how hormones and other things change with each spurt (including pain), it seems only natural that mood swings would evolve.

After 7 years of this, you’d think I would get it by now:

changed the type of pull-ups my son uses: they are now bigger, softer, and more breathable. While it has not stopped him from picking it apart, it did lessen the occurrence. I also think he may be going thru a growth spurt or perhaps one of his supplements is causing some new anxiety. Because he has autism, this is difficult to pin down. I will have to stop everything he is taking, and after a week break, add them back in one at a time to narrow down the culprit. I have found that in his case, what may have worked last month, may not work the following; and what didn’t work in the past, may now be appropriate. It is a lot of constant trial and error with him.

Injuries: Old & New

So my foot is still kind of messed up. I can walk on it (with a slight limp), and I am able to drive now (Yay!), but it still hurts. Some movements are still not possible, like using my toes correctly (you’d be surprised at how many positions involve toes). And, my ankle still gets achy after too much motion. It’s much better than hobbling on crutches or being stuck in that damn walking boot though, so I’ll take it. My chiropractor (who is the BEST) gave me some resistance band exercises to help strengthen my foot and speed up recovery: they are working, and I am grateful.

While my foot has been SLOWLY getting better, the rest of me has not been faring quite as well. The last few mornings I have been waking up with all new pains. Sleeping wrong is probably the best explanation for it, but boy is it inconvenient. My lower back hurts so bad I can barely stand up strait. And this morning my sternum feels like a horse kicked me in the chest. All of my pains come from muscles, or joints, so I’m not too concerned: but it is annoying to be in so much pain just from sleeping. Normally, I would suggest it’s time for a new bed, but I just got this one in march, and it has caused me no problems thus far. It may be time however, to increase my stretching exercises or pick up yoga again.

If we don’t all die in a nuclear war:

I have to remember to take a step back and assess situations logically: using reason and deduction. This used to be my first method of solving problems, but when your so stressed out I think your judgement becomes clouded. Oh well, to err is human, as they say, and until I become something other than that, I have my wine…And it’ll have to do.


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