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Dear Bioware: Thanks for breaking my heart…

…and stomping on it.

As a die-hard fan of the Mass Effect games (yes, all of them), I am absolutely crushed that you have ignored the pleas of your fans and decided to “ditch” this remarkable and adored series; but doing so without closure is by far the most biting, gut wrenching thing you could have possibly done.

I have done everything I could to try and convince you to stay the course, despite the negative feedback you may have received.

I didn’t just “put my money where my mouth is” by buying the games and paying for the DLC’s: I bought as much merchandise, directly from you and others, as I possibly could. Thousands of dollars worth of ME gear, books, stickers, pins, magnets, etc. Heck, I even have multiple copies of each game! Every year, on Shepard’s birthday, I start a replay of the original ME trilogy (this would have included ME:A). I celebrate N7 day like a national holiday. Even my 8 year old severely autistic son loved watching me play, especially the space exploration parts (ME 2 & 3 he liked, but Andromeda, he just couldn’t get enough of the planets!).

I follow you on as many social media platforms as I can, to offer positive feedback and give you “likes”, to show my support. Heck, When I first started this blog I had no intention of using it to try reach out to you, showing my love for the games (Honest ME:A review, and Heart felt plea), but I’m such a small “fish” out here in “internet” land, I guess I wasn’t heard.

You have crushed me!

As I write this, I am lounging in my N7 pants and Andromeda t-shirt, typing on a laptop with a myriad of ME stickers adorning the outside. Any direction I look in this room, I can see some sort of ME paraphernalia: and right now it is just a horrible reminder of the company that just doesn’t seem to care.

Even your “we quit” announcement was cold and uncaring. Where was your empathy for people like me, who practically everyday, after “real life” turn to the ME universe for escape and love and fun?

Why did you give up?

I just cannot fathom how you could just “trash” a series as popular as ME. I know Andromeda got some bunk reviews and sold less than you’d hoped… but the correct path would have been to fix the issues, and appease the player base; not kowtow to the haters and bullies. This “you didn’t like it as much as we think you should have, so we’re just gonna quit and go home” attitude is for children, not adults. At this point, it’s like trying to watch the LOTR trilogy, but only if we’d seen “the Hobbit” movies first, and then the studio decided to just make “The Fellowship of the ring” and then quit. You cannot leave a story untold or even half-told! As it has been pointed out – DA:2 was the worst selling DA, and yet you still had DLC’s and support for it – and the story continued on afterward, with much success (in fact, DA:I is one of my favorite games of all time).

So seriously, WTF Bioware?

I’m not actually expecting an answer, because the internet is too large for my one tiny voice to be truly heard, but one would be nice.

It’s not too late!

It’s never too late to realize your error and get back on the right path. This is true for everyone and everything – if murderers and rapists can realize the error of their ways, atone and turn their lives around – you can also. Please don’t screw your fans like this! And don’t try to “sell” me on MP: screw MP. You cannot create a single player game and then only support the MP aspect; that’s just plain asinine.

Alright, my rant/plea is over. I’m sure no one at Bioware will read it, or even care, but I had to say it none-the-less. Sorry Bioware, we had a great love affair, but if this is how you treat those that love you, we’re gonna have to break up: I deserve better.

For now, I’ll keep playing my other games (Fallout right now), and I’ll buy new ones that appeal to my liking: but those may, or may not, include any Bioware titles from now on (I prefer to support companies that care about me and don’t drop me at the first sign of discourse).

Oh well, I have my wine…and it’ll have to do.


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