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Spinach is no longer evil…

If you’re following the blog you know, my son is not very keen to even the sight of vegetables. It has been an uphill battle to get any veggies in him what so ever.

Then, magically, a couple of days ago everything changed…

Ok, not everything, but we are definitely over one large hurdle. I was making lunch (turkey sandwiches) when I decided to just put some spinach on the one for my boy, and I had no expectations what-so-ever that he would actually ingest it: in fact I figured I would be making him a new sandwich within the hour.

And then, he ATE it!

Shocked doesn’t even begin to describe my emotional reaction to what was happening. And it’s not like I “hid” it either; he could plainly see it and was ingesting the sandwich anyway. I can now feed him spinach pupusas (yummy stuffed corn tortillas) and stick it in almost anything (some things are off limits, like Pbjs… Only a crazy mom would do that… OR someone with very different taste buds) and he will not even question it.

So now I have a new goal…

Figure out how to make super good “veggie” meatloaf or nuggets (I will still use meat, at least a sometimes, but 90% veggie is the goal) – that holds it’s shape when cooked and cut – so as to maximize his intake. I think he’ll be fine with this, as I’ve found, the key to getting him to eat things he’s not used to, is to add: onion and garlic powder…seems like something I’d have stumbled onto sooner… feel free to share recipes!

He’s still not ok with using utensils to eat, but I have hopes he will come around. This last week he has developed a fascination with all things kitchen related, even helped me prepare a meal!

I won’t call it a miracle, but it’s a huge breakthrough for sure, and I could not ask for more.

He also, very abruptly (overnight) stopped ripping everything he could get his hands on, pull ups included. Provided it holds, it’s a huge relief to both my back (picking up shredded anything off the floor is never fun) and my wallet (xl pull ups are Soo very expensive).

I don’t know what the future has in store, but so far the changes are positive, and I’m very glad. Until then, I have my wine… And it’ll have to do.


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