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A weekend of family, a 1st, and random injuries…

It was a great weekend, ok, mostly…

My kids got to experience their first major league baseball game, in an actual stadium. Other than there not being good options for their specific diets, both my son and daughter had a fairly good time -considering their age and attention span- and were as well behaved as I could have hope for. The idea was both my father and brothers, as they are both huge baseball fans…and of course they went with us to share the experience with the children.

I was apprehensive about the whole thing, for many reasons: keeping my son entertained for 3+ hours chief among them. Luckily, AT&T Park has free WiFi, so my biggest concern was moot.

Second concern was food…

While they have a lot of very healthy options, none appeased my boy. Not the french fries, the hot dogs (regular or vegan) and certainly not the lack of healthy drink options. Good thing I thought ahead and packed some snacks; though I couldn’t bring his juice cup in because it was made of glass.

Other than my son Hating the loudness of it all, he had a fairly good time, all things considered: he even clapped a few times and waved his foam finger like a true fan (and used it to hit the guy in front of him several times, sorry dude). My daughter was into the “spirit” of it all, (cheering, clapping, dancing, etc) but every 5 minutes kept asking if it was over yet (she’s 5, what do you expect).

I’m not a huge sports fan, but that doesn’t mean my kids may not be…

This was the reason for the whole experience, to see if it maybe ignited a fire for them. I’m fairly certain it did not, but that’s no reason to never try…

I’d like to mention, that I was mysteriously injured the night before the game. I went to bed a tad sore (for reasons unbeknownst to me) and woke up barely able to move. My right hip, and muscles that control that leg, decided not to function without severe pain. So I was having one hell of a time getting around! Also, my previously mangled foot still gives me trouble if I’m on it for more than 5 minutes, and (TMI in 3, 2, 1) I started my period an hour before we left, so yay, painful cramps. A day later, and now more of me hurts for no reason at all and doing anything is extremely painful. I want to say it’s a sign of aging, but 40 is not old enough for this, in my opinion. More than likely, it’s a sign to exercise more (Something, I currently don’t do at all). You know when your body gets sore and stiff after something stupid and trivial, like going pee, that it’s time to rethink this whole “exercise is stupid” mantra you have going.

I’m going to attempt to get more exercise (at least stretching) in my diet, but I know this is difficult when there is depression present. I also know, or have at least read, that exercise helps with depression. Catch 22 there; am depressed so don’t have the energy to exercise, but lack of exercise deepens the depression…

I got off on a depression tangent there, apologies (though it’s still relevant).

Back on topic:

I may try to take the kids to a sporting event at least once a year, though maybe not always baseball (maybe not always sports. Disney on ice, plays, concerts, etc. All good options). I want them to experience sports, “fandom”, and other areas of art and pastimes, as I think it is helpful to growing their own personalities and preferences.

So here’s to getting the first adventure out of the way without blood shed or tears (except my own). And until next time, I have my wine…and it’ll have to do.


One thought on “A weekend of family, a 1st, and random injuries…

  1. Hey that’s great that you all got to go to a BASEBALL GAME,,, How exciting,,, YAY! Maybe now that the kiddo’s have had their first Big League Game outing,,, they’ll know more of what to expect for the next time…


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