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Oh gosh, it’s been 2 weeks already?

So I’ll first apologize for the blog delay…

So sorry, my bad.

And now I’ll explain why…

It’s the end of summer and in my house that means cleaning up the yard. I’m sure some of you are asking, “why, when fall will just mess it up again?” The answer: it’s complicated! Ha!

So our summer is generally spent being as lazy as humanly possible. Sure, we go out and do things, but just fun stuff. I don’t even cook as much in the summer, it’s just too hot for that. So my house is pretty messy right now and we’ve just been “hanging out”, trying to stay cool and get our inner “fun sloth” on.

And because of that…

We don’t have garbage or recycling service at the house (we could but it’s super expensive and a pain to drive the cans 3 miles to where they can be emptied). So now it’s time for dump runs and recycling trips. It’s amazing how much can pile up in a few months. Also time for a much needed “fall cleaning”; where I get the kids out a the house for a couple of hours each weekend day and scrub! The mangled foot did not help me in anyway here either, and still causes me discomfort to this day: plus the 2 months of bed rest have made it super easy to get tuckered out. Looking ahead, with birthdays and Christmas on the horizon, I need to purge the toy bins to make room for new things. Whew, the last few weeks and next month just tires me out thinking about it.

On top of all that…

I found a new game (okay, new to me): Elder Scrolls Online. I didn’t want to get it because the internet here is so dang slow, but it’s actually handling the connection fine (occasional lag but nothing too bad). My 5 year old daughter even has a character and she’s pretty good for her age! I’ll write up a review once I’ve had a chance to experience a few more character classes.

In other news…

My son is still breaking, ripping, shredding and otherwise destroying everything in the house he possibly can, but no more diaper destruction (yay)! He’s also decided that clothes are very overrated, whether at home or in public, so yay?! Honestly, I hope we get back to the easy going, non-destructive, child he was before this summer; though if not, we can slowly weed through all the unnecessary crap in the house…just have to leave it for him to get a hold of and “poof”, instant garbage!

I hope your “summer to fall” transition is faring a bit better than mine, but until things settle back into a “normal” routine, I have my wine… and it’ll have to do.


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