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When too many things prevent you from blogging…

Once again, it has been about 2 weeks since I posted last, and I initially intended to do this once or twice a week; the universe currently has other plans for me.

I am still in the process of “fall cleaning” (and, yes, it’s taking a surprisingly long time), which takes most of my weekends. We spent a couple of days visiting an helping my grandma, which is nice, but the kids always break her stuff. I have the new game (Elder Scrolls Online, review still forthcoming) that I tend to play in the wee morning hours while the kids are still asleep. My evenings are now spent watching my favorite TV shows, because the fall season has started! And, of course, my days are spent chasing children, homeschooling and trying to keep my ever thinning hair in my head. To top all of that off, Halloween and my daughters birthday are next weekend (and of course that kicks off the whole “holiday bonanza”).

Oh and the fire!

So there is a wildfire very close to my house. It’s under control now, but we received evacuation orders (at 2 am, though we were already packing when it came, because my neighbors tune into emergency scanners) and for at least one night, nobody got any sleep. Luckily it stayed on the other side of the main road and we only had to deal with really bad air and falling ash for a couple of days. They are still trying to get it fully contained, but everyone except a small group of people have been allowed to go back home.

This mamma is in serious need of a day off! Heck I’d accept a few hours!

Neither of those are forthcoming, unfortunately, so until things chill out here, I have my wine…and it’ll have to do.



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