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Elder Scrolls Online (ESO): Review

First: I am aware that this game is 3 or 4 years old and this review matters to probably No One, but I’m writing it anyway.

Second: I will be using some lingo that assumes you know about gaming.

Third: If I”m wrong about something please let me know.

I have been playing the game for about 2 months now, and while I am not max level and have not experienced everything the game has to offer, I’m going to point out some pros and cons (at least a few, the game is much to big to cover, in it’s entirety, in one blog post).


  • Most of the game can be done alone. As in, you do not have to interact with or group with anyone else to complete it.
  • It’s beautiful. The landscapes are diverse; from desert to frozen tundra. The graphics are great.
  • Classes and weapon choices are pretty open: you want to be a mage who wears heavy armor and swings a battle axe? It can be done.
  • Character creation has so many possibilities. From skin tone to body shape, what you want to look like is available.Plus you can make 8!
  • Can be played on a slow internet connection. Yes, I still lag occasionally, but it’s only a problem when I’m in the middle of fighting a scary boss.
  • Voice chat. For those of us on a console this is huge! And multiple channels for groups, guilds and areas.
  • So much to do! Because of the games age, they have had a lot of time to really make it expansive. In my 2 months of play I have only covered 20% of all game play (and only 5% of that is due to trying out different characters).
  • Quests vary: from running around talking to people, to collecting items, to killing guys, but always with an end goal in sight.
  • You get bank space that is shared between all your characters: making it easy to get items from one to the other.
  • Bound items can be used by your other characters
  • Holiday events that don’t cost real money to participate in.
  • The optional monthly subscription is totally worth it.


  • Lack of tutorials for some things (like un-summoning a familiar on a mage).
  • Ability and skill information could be more precise.
  • Champion point abilities should give examples of what they will affect.
  • High level content requires grouping with random people (if you have no friends like me)
  • Drop rates suck for so many things.
  • Some quests are hard to figure out by the descriptions and hints given (and some just have very bad English).
  • The level of gear stops at 160, the level cap is 660.
  • Crafting is a bit confusing, especially furniture (and even more tedious).
  • The good high level gear requires grouping or a master crafter.
  • In game money is ridiculously hard to save up any substantial amount.
  • The stuff you can buy with real money is way over priced (with the exception of the starter packs, those are reasonable).
  • Trying to be a Ranger seems very non-viable to me, I turned mine into a crafter.
  • PVP areas (with normal quests and achievements) will not be experienced by those who, like me, abhor PVP.
  • Why do wood elves suck so much? Seriously, hardly anyone seems to use this race.
  • So many people dueling in towns causes insane lag and FPS drops.

Ok, so not an exhaustive list by any means, but for those who may be “on the fence” about checking it out, maybe this will sway you: one way or the other. I picked up the base game from GameStop for $8; well worth it in my opinion. I even bought the Morrowind expansion and pay the $15 a month for the extras (double the pack and bank space, and of course the infinite crafting bag).

Again, I’m sure no one needed this information, but I wrote it – because, meh, why not.

Also, it pairs nicely with your drink of choice.



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